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Silver jewelry Earrings

To give people the means to see the world through style. We get great joy in designing quality handmade Silver jewelry pieces of unique style, and yet, jewelry and style is just the tangible expression of something much greater that we are creating. We have a vision that through the pieces we create, our history, passion and culture will spread and be touched by the world.

Our Silver jewelry fine jewelry is made for all kind of occasions

1: You have the real diamond one? But you dont feel safe wearing it? This is where we come in and making 100 percent exact same fine jewelry in Silver jewelry.

2: You cant afford the real one? This is where we come in and making 100 percent exact same fine jewelry in Silver jewelry.

3: You can afford it but you just dont want to spend thousands of dollars? Save it for your future kids, family, college, financial security? This is where we come in and making 100 percent exact same fine jewelry in Silver jewelry.

As continues to grow and create innovative pieces, we still mindfully hold on to the beauty of our roots. Our focus is to be trusted by all our clients as we continue to grow and reach new heights in the Fashion Industry. Our passion leads us to create amazing products that you will wear with pride and amazement, as you can see to it, there's truly a unique story behind each handcrafted piece is a Silver jewelry marketplace, where you can buy direct from the manufacturer that we supply the big retailers. We are grateful to be trusted by thousands of happy customers for over 10 years. With an ownership change in 2015, our team— based in Los Angeles, CA and Glendale City, Ca —bringing trust and transparency to the opaque world of fine Silver jewelry.

Here are some things that make us unique (and better able to serve you!):

WE MANUFACTURE OUR OWN FINE JEWELRY is the first choice for fashionable, stylish shoppers who want to sparkle without breaking the bank.
Everything you find on ships directly from OUR OWN FACTORY. This means that you truly get the best Silver jewelry without inflated prices.

We have a fabulous collection of classic to contemporary Silver jewelry designs and unique styles that nurture your emotions and enhance the joy of gift giving and receiving. The inspiration for our Silver jewelry designs comes from you, our customers, as well as the jewelry trade shows that we attend to source the latest and most innovative jewelry products from across the globe. At, you will find a wide selection of fine Silver jewelry, from exquisite Bridals, gorgeous Fashion Rings, beautiful Earrings & Pendants, to attractive Bracelets as well as many Unique and Custom Styles. Our spectacular selection of Silver jewelry is available with a variety of high quality Silver jewelry, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite, pearls, aquamarine and other semi-precious gemstones. We have a stunning collection of gold and platinum jewelry to provide you with a wide range of choice for every occasion. guarantees you full satisfaction and value for your money. We are obsessive about quality. We deal with the finest Silver jewelry stones across the globe that follow the highest standards of workmanship. We inspect every piece of Silver jewelry and makes sure it follows our strict internal standards of quality control. Our approach makes it possible to offer our customer ultimate satisfaction from every perspective, be it precious metal casting, stone setting, polishing, finishing, style & designs or before & after sales services. No question is too insignificant. You will receive personalized service and you can expect our strict attention to every detail.

When you buy from us, you will get good advice from a professional, someone who eats, breathes and sleeps jewelry. We have gemological training, read professional journals to keep up to date, travel to trade fairs and seminars and learn all about the products we offer. We can help you be an educated buyer and choose the jewelry that is just right for your lifestyle. We assure you that your visit with us will be pleasant. offers you the ultimate shopping experience.